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The following books are pivotal in understanding the way we now view Mental Health and Stress

Books from 2000 onwards. Since Covid these new bodymind practices have been burgeoning since the early work on Neuroplasticity by in particular the work of Dr Norman Doidge and Dr Stephen Porges made it comprehensible to many.

.Doidge,N, (2007) The Brain that changes itself-. Stories of personal triumph from the frontiers of Brain Science 1NY Viking

*Doidge N, (2015) The Brain’s Way of Healing remarkable discoveries and recoveries from the frontiers of neuroplasticity

Porges.Stephen (2011) Polyvagal theory Neurophysiological Foundations of Emotions, Attachment, Communication, and Self-Regulation ( amazon)

This work is fast becoming a main stay for the brain/body connection work in health and education **See What is Polyvagal Theory | Polyvagal Institute short videos from leading practitioners/

Dana, Deb (2020) Polyvagal exercises for safety and Connection. 50 client centred practices Norton NY

Damasio, Antonio (1999) The Feeling of What Happens-body emotion and the making of Consciousness, Vintage

Elbrecht, Cornelia (2018) Healing Trauma with Guided Drawing– Sensorimotor Art Therapy Approach to Bilateral Body Mapping North Atlantic Books ,California

Fogal, Alan (2009) the Psychophysiology or Self-Awareness-Rediscovering the Lost Art of Body Sense Norton ,New York

Fosha, D, Siegel ,D & Solomon, M (Eds)(2009) The Healing Power of Emotion Norton, NY

Levine, Peter.A (2010) In an Unspoke Voice-How the Body releases Trauma and restores Goodness,
North Atlantic Books ,California set up training in Somatic experiencing.

Ogden, Pat ,Fisher,J(2015) Sensorimotor Psychotherapy-Interventions for Trauma and Attachment ISBN: 9780393706130

Payton,Sarah,(2017) Your Resonant Self Norton &Co NY

Siegel,D (2011) The Whole-brain Child Scribe NY

Siegel,D, (2009) Mindsight- Change your brain and your life

Siegal D ,&Payne Bryson.T (2020) the power of showing up- how parental presence shapes our kids

become and how their brains get wired Scribe Melbourne, London

A similar list of references from researcher /practitioners on the early notions of stress and bodymind explorations 1950s-2000 is to come