Information Sessions

Can be presented face-to-face,by phone or to a group By Kay Distel PhD

Listening Consultant, Holistic Psychotherapist/ practitioner, Researcher and Trainer

Auditory Processing –What it is, how it effects learning and how we can help

In  private practice  Kay does  individual assessments for sound/listening programs and administers individualized programs for all ages of children or adults with  learning, literacy, language difficulties.

A presentation for  aims to increase understanding of how auditory processing (AP) is a common feature of most learning difficulties,how the Tomatis Method transforms children’s abilities to learn more effectively, increases their their creativity and improves the functioning of all sensory systems.

Watch as a mother talks of her experiences with her child with autism changed while attending the clinical Tomatis program.

Please call 0425 242123 or SMS or email or Zoom (to come) for an information session. This is a free service for up to 1/2 hour at a mutually suitable time . Out of office presentations incur a charge for travel.

Please print out and keep handy!