Using sound to re-train the brain... a personalised audio training program to improve ear functioning and speed up auditory processing.

We all hear but do we listen?

Auditory processing issues are at the root of most learning problems.

Our main program Tomatis Listening Integration program for those who learn differently and may not in absorb and interpret language efficiently - effects their learning development.

By the use of modified music we build a foundation of neural pathways to the centres in  the brain associated with language and balance.

Examples of children’s issues that we can address:

All these issues are connected to the linking of voice, ear to the  brain’s plasticity

A common very distressing situation is sound sensitivity. Particularly, very noticeable In social situations; the  sound level are perceived as too high. Any person in this situation will go through a similar process of being overwhelmed; confused, then stressed and then anxiety starts to accumulate. The self-regulation has failed . just what we can change! WE have very good results with this issue as the ear muscles ear opens sound becomes bearable and depending on other issues , can disappear entirely, a recent case the client’s sensitivity abated in the first phase of the program. This now leaves us time to look calmly at other issues with enthusiasm, which may be needing attention.

Learn more… Videos  or  Tomatis  which describes how the Tomatis method works.

After an intensive individualised program

Expect improvement in any Stress and TRAUMA or mental health symptoms

These issues become manageable or disappear as the ear/ brain comes into a new balance and control. Go to the simple Listening checklist to see other effects on learning.

For the initial contact Kay mobile 0425242123 to book FREE chat to discuss your issues or seek more information about the consultation/assessment process..

The Listening Integration Training using the TalksUp® devise

TalksUP® usually is a Home program for communication and mental health issues.

it has programs which are a refined process of modified music individualised for the client.

The program  stimulates the muscles in the inner ear to both sides of the brain and is the attribute for improving attention and concentration. Because we use the ear/brain/voice connection we can work with diverse issues with the same method, this can include reading problems, dyslexia, depression, severe schizophrenia, and autism. The early research showed evidence that many of these problems result from a failure in of communication, which has to do with listening and the ear.

Both children or adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) exhibit difficulties in several functions involving social interaction, communication, and behaviour. Nevertheless, a service centred on the  Tomatis ® Method can help people with autism and other related difficulties by awakening and establishing the desire to communicate and learn through auditory/ listening training.

The nature of the program
Listening to modified music for up to 80 minutes per day sessions for 10-14 days followed by break 4-8 week  between for integration. As the program develops intensive times may reduce to less days, time between intensives spread out to eight weeks to three months. The latter is called the active phase is when the development of the voice is the next step.

Program depends on the clients’ interests as to how we develop the skills of the voice.

Ideal devise time needed for radical changes is between  60-100 hours taken over 12-18 months. Evidence based assessments are done at the beginning and end of each  intensive period.

The role of Consultant is to assess, guide, mentor and foster empowerment in  the trauma and psychological issues that may be underlying and become important as the brain starts to self-regulate.

Research Practitioner

Understanding the way we now view Mental Health and Stress

I arrived ten days ago absolutely spent after half the house had been cleared of furniture- the floors sanded and recoated then all furniture returned to normal placings.
The first few days all I could do was sleep in a very deep relaxed state while listening to the lovely Tomatis music. Gradually some of my old energy returned. I have been doing a cleanse at the same time- so I’m not surprised that the energy levels are low. However the change – deep relaxation, good plane food and friendly company have been calming and great for morale.

I can recommend this Tomatis Listening program for all other octagenarians or younger folk interested in self improvement through better listening skills. Thanks Kay ( BV Feb 2016)
Clinical Program Feedback from an Octagenerian